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Map of Govanhill

The exact boundaries of Govanhill are the subject of frequent debate but the correct boundaries are: North of the centre line of Dixon Avenue at Victoria Road extending along Dixon Rd to Aikenhead Rd. The west side of Aikenhead Rd continuing from Dixon Rd all the way to Cathcart Rd.  The railway boundary from Cathcart Rd bridge extending to where the railway passes under Victoria Rd, close to Butterbiggins Rd. The east side of the centre line of Victoria Rd all the way to Dixon Ave.

There are a thousand interpretations of where the neighbourhood begins and ends – with constituency, ward and local planning boundaries all muddying the waters.  Estate agents are famously liberal in their interpretation of what constitutes Govanhill and there are also a thousand local resident perceptions of where the area begins and ends.  Certainly, most local service providers take a slightly flexible approach in defining the area with many recognising Queen’s Drive, Pollokshaws Rd and Eglinton Toll as some of the outer edges – or simply not worrying about it!