An Introduction to the Merge Group

By Amutazzehra

Govanhill Housing Association created this group around 15 years ago. The name of this group is an abbreviation of ”Minority Ethnic Resident Group Empowerment”’.I joined this group one year ago.I was new in Glasgow,I met The chairperson of this group Naureen in the library. We had a conversation about different things and she invited me to join this group. MERGE holds its monthly meeting at Samaritan House 79 Coplaw street. At every meeting I get the opportunity to meet different people from my area in a friendly environment. People feel free to discuss their different issues which they are facing.

Members of the MERGE Group committee after the 2018 AGM

Moreover this group arranged ”weekly coffee mornings’ which have been very successful. The first 6 sessions included art classes and next 6 sessions were about sewing.In both these classes there were two instructors whose support helped the ladies to improve their skills.

In the summer hoildays the MERGE group is arranging a family trip for members of the group. Last year the members of this group, along with their families and friends, enjoyed their visit to the Isle of Bute. The journey in the ferry and visit to the castle was a great inspiration for the children. The whole day was full of delight.

The MERGE group invites all minority ethnic residents of the Govanhill area to join. The MERGE group provides a platform for people with different languages, and cultures. to share their thoughts and work for the betterement of this area. To get involved phone Amra Nazim on 0141 636 3628 or come along to a meeting on the third Thursday of every month at 11am in the community hall at Samaritan House.

Save the Date! Big Noise Christmas Concert Dates Confirmed.

Big Noise have confirmed that their Christmas Concerts will be held on the 5th and 6th of December at Elim Church on Inglefield Street in Govanhill.

On the 5th of December B Orchestra, the United Orchestra and the Concert Band will perform from 4-5pm.

On the 6th of December C Orchestra, D Orchestra and the Wind Band will perform from 4-5pm.

Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration of everything the Big Noise children have learned so far, as the young musicians show off their musical talents.

All of the concerts are free of charge, and a sure-fire way to get into the festive spirit.