BHASHA Language Festival Programme Released!

The festival, now in its third year, will take place online and starts on Sunday the 21st of February. The week is jam packed with free daily activities that will explore Glasgow’s linguistic heritage and the vital role of its multilingual citizens, including quizzes, interactive language sessions, talks, and a radio show.

Inaugurated in 2019 by Bangladesh Association, the Bhasha Glasgow language festival is a celebration of the city’s many languages and the people who speak them.

Thriving Places Festival Highlights

Govanhill Polyglot Sessions

As part of the festival, you can learn a language from local native speakers by joining the popular Govanhill Polyglot Sessions. These language taster sessions were originally established to bring together residents of Govanhill and wider Glasgow to mingle in each other’s languages. Govanhill, where at least 88 languages are spoken within a 1 km² area is believed to be the most ethnically diverse neighbourhood in Scotland.

This year languages on offer include Romanes (Romanian), Romanes (Slovak), Polish, Spanish, Arabic and BSL! All sessions will take place via zoom. Head over to the BHASHA Glasgow Language Festival Facebook page to book your spot!

Glesga banter: A celebration of Weegie culture

Glesga banter is an hour of wee stories, poetry and song hosted by Marion Nisbet a community councillor in Govanhill, an antiracist, antipoverty feminist who enjoys growing food, community and resistance. Marion will be joined by; Lesley O’Brien a singer, poet, and professional storyteller who has worked for Glasgow Women’s Aid for almost 30 years and Big Barney fae Carlton studios, teller of terrible jokes, tall tales and founding member of The Carlton Jug Band.

Thriving Places Launch Engagement and Information Survey

Thriving places have launched a survey to look at community and engagement and access to information in Govanhill. You can make your voice heard via the online community survey:

This short questionnaire explores how the people of Govanhill connect with each other and how they feel about making decisions for their neighbourhood. Results will be published on this site, and go toward shaping the Locality Plan – a vision for a future Govanhill based on the wishes of people who live and work here.

Improving Access to Technology in Govanhill

Organisations across Govanhill and the Gorbals are making sure people have better access to information, education, and work during the pandemic by providing families with IT devices such as chrome-books and tablets.

Scottish Government funding will cover a limited number of devices and connectivity packages which will be allocated according to need. This need is being assessed by a survey which you can access online here

The survey will asks questions about what kind of barriers people face, whether this is lack of a device to access the internet, lack of access to the internet or other home circumstances. Training and support will also be available to those who need it in order to the use the devices, an technical assistance will be on hand if required.

To fill in the survey for yourself or on behalf of someone else, click here:

For support filling in the survey, phone 0141 309 9136.

Take a Virtual Tour of Trinity Church with Glasgow Building Preservation Trust

Fill in the survey!

A consultation is currently taking place about the future of Trinity Church on Daisy Street. Glasgow Building Preservation Trust are working with Govanhill Community Development TrustCommunity Renewal and Glasgow City Council to investigate if the building can be repaired and upgraded for use by the community.

Although it is sadly not possible for the public to see inside the church building, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and Glasgow Building Preservation Trust it is possible to take a virtual tour of this fantastic ‘Gothic Revival’ style building.

You can see into the Sanctury by following this link:

Take a tour of the Great Hall here :

You can see inside the Lesser Hall here :

If you want to have your views heard on the future of the Trinity Church please fill in this survey.

Can you Help Find a Future for Daisy Street Church?

Fill in the survey here!

Trinity Church on Daisy Street was built between 1878 and 1880 in the ‘Gothic Revival’ style, sadly the buildign was forced to close in 2018 due to safety concerns over old wiring. The church was used for worship until 2015 and was used as a community space until it’s closure.

There is a growing need for flexible community spaces in Govanhill. Glasgow Building Preservation Trust are working with Govanhill Community Development Trust, Community Renewal and Glasgow City Council to investigate if the building can be repaired and upgraded for use by the community. We want your help in understanding what the local community needs and would like to see in a new community resource. Your responses will be used to help the project team adapt the building for new user groups and will also be used in support of future applications to funders.

Have your say! Fill in the survey here!

We are using a variety of methods to ensure this consultation is as accessible as possible to everyone, this survey is one of them. The survey is anonymous. Thank you very much for your help.

Thriving Places Recommends : Govanhill Festival Events for Families!

Take part in our best dressed window competition as part of the Govanhill International Festival. Decorate your window – let’s make our neighbourhood colourful! Email a photo of your window to or share it in the comments below the post on Govanhill Community Development Trust Facebook by noon Friday 28 August. Winners will be announced Monday 31 August on GCDT Facebook page following a community vote.  

1st prize – £75 voucher       2nd prize – £50 voucher           3rd prize – £25 voucher 

Govanhill Community Development Trust & partners 

Govanhill “Life In Lockdown” Photo Documentary Exhibition  

Walk round the streets of Govanhill and watch out for our banners and bunting created from collages of all the amazing photos young people and other residents in Govanhill have been taking during Lockdown.  

Community Renewal & partners 

Govanhill Children’s Festival Saturday 22 – Saturday 29 August  

We invite children and their families to a whole week of fun-filled events including a Minecraft day, art and recycling, sports, book festival, talent show, drama, song writing, video diaries, cookery, kids quiz, prizes and giveaways and lots more! To book a place, go to Govanhill International Festival and Carnival Facebook page.  

Govanhill Community Development Trust & partners 

Simon Murphy – Govanhill Street Level  

Simon Murphy aims to give an insight into the diverse and vibrant area of Govanhill with a series of portraits to be displayed in windows as part of a photo trail during the festival.  

Friday 21 – Sunday 30 August Various locations on the streets of Govanhill 

Street Level Photoworks 

 Open-Air Screening of La Belle et la Bête, (Beauty and the Beast )1946, in Westmoreland Street Gardens, 8.30 pm, Saturday, 22nd August. The story teaches us that empathy, creativity and imagination can change us and those around us.  

This is a socially distanced outdoor event. Booking Essential.

GAMIS in association with Music Broth 

 Adapt and Act Friday 21 – Monday 31 August Queen’s Park Arena Poster Boards

This exhibitiondisplays artwork and outcomes from Adapt and Act – a climate change and creative protest project by Govanhill-based Rumpus Room’s Young Activist group led by artist Lucy Grainge and writer-activist Rosemary Geary in partnership with Swap Market.

Inhouse in association with Rumpus Room and Swap Market 

More information and booking:  Govanhill International Festival & Carnival 

NB Some of these events have been organised as socially distant, outdoor events. Please follow FACTS and the Scottish Government Guidance on social distancing when attending these events. Please do not attend any event if you, or anyone you have been in contact with has had symptoms of COVID-19.

Thriving Places : Community Engagement Vacancy

Since the start of the pandemic, all Thriving Places efforts in Govanhill have been in direct response to the crisis. Although the lockdown measures have eased now, the virus is still here, and a second wave may be expected in Autumn. We have secured emergency funding from the Supporting Communities Fund to create a part-time role of a Community Engagement Worker to support the Community Connector until the end of October. This additional capacity will allow us to meet the community’s needs and provide key support structures in Govanhill.

The ideal candidate will have experience in delivering projects, a positive attitude and the ability to manage their own workload. The ability to speak a community language would be an advantage!

  • The postholder will work for up to 21 hrs per week until 31st October 2020 at a rate of £10 per hour.
  • Applications will be welcomed from anyone with the necessary skills and experience. We will consider those who wish to be temporarily seconded from another organisation and applicants who wish to job share. The post may also appeal to those who are self-employed and wish to carry out the role on that basis.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience in delivering projects, a positive attitude and the ability to manage their own workload. The ability to speak a community language would be an advantage!
  • The postholder should be available to start immediately, or as soon as possible in August.
  • Closing date: Thursday, 13th of August at 10 am. Interviews will be held at the beginning of the following week.

More details about this position, along with information about how to apply can be found here

Survey Reveals Breadth of Languages in Govanhill

A survey conducted under the Thriving Places* programme has set about counting the languages spoken in Govanhill, the most ethnically diverse area in Scotland.

As much as the presence of English, Urdu, Punjabi, Romanian, Slovak, Scottish and Irish Gaelic is common knowledge, not everyone will be aware that Nepali, Vietnamese, Ishan, Sinhalese, and Tibetan are also spoken in the neighbourhood. It turns out Govanhill is abundant in polyglots. Out of 222 responders, 182 said they spoke at least two languages, and quite a few were comfortable using 4 or even 5. 

Pie chart showing the wide range of ‘mother toungues’ in Govanhill – there may well be more out there!

People were also asked if they knew how to say ‘Hi’ in some of their neighbours’ languages, the majority said they did and that they were interested in learning more.

The most popular languages that people wanted to learn were BSL, Spanish, Arabic and Romanes (Roma).

So far, 222 people have taken part.  79.4% of participants said they live here and further 3.5% used to live here, some for many years. The remainder stated they work in the area or socialise here. Residents are encouraged to keep adding their languages. The survey remains open and can be completed here:

Based on The Languages of Govanhill survey, the records of GCDT and some of the local schools, it turns out there are at least 88 languages and dialects spoken in Govanhill. As more people fill in the survey, this number is bound to increase. Contact Marzanna Antoniak at with questions about the survey or if you want to participate in any language-based projects in Govanhill. 

The survey was conducted as part of a heritage-based regeneration strategy for the neighbourhood that is being developed. Such an impressive language tally is a reason to celebrate. Enjoy reading survey participants’ reflections about Govanhill being a multilingual place. 

*The Thriving Places approach proposes that local “organisations commit to working more collaboratively with one another and the community to make better use of existing resources and assets to respond to each individual community’s needs.” Locally, Govanhill Housing Association is the anchor organisation responsible for leading and implementing the Thriving Places strategy working with Govanhill Community Development Trust (GCDT).

Fill in Our Govanhill Languages Survey!

Living in a uniquely diverse area in Scotland, the people of Govanhill can be proud of the variety of languages that are spoken here. Nobody really knows how many we speak and what are all the niche ones. Here is our chance to find out. If you have a strong connection to Govanhill, enjoy filling in this quick survey. The results will be revealed when more than a 100 people submit their answers. Let’s see how many languages are spoken in Govanhill!

You can access the survey online here!

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