Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in community life in Govanhill.

Volunteering – the area is full of organisations offering amazing supports and activities.  If you have an interests in music, theatre, youth work, older people, environmental issues, heritage, culture, language, cooking and a whole lot more then Govanhill has something for you.  Most local organisations are heavily reliant on volunteers and so there is bound to be a way to get involved.  Whether it’s delivering something hands on or maybe getting involved on a committee there are  Volunteering is also a great way to learn new skills, improve your chances of getting a job, meet new people and give something back to the community.   If you want more information about current volunteering opportunities, get along to the Community Shop at 192 Allison St where Ruth Plummer, our Volunteer Coordinator, can help.

Find out what’s on – there are few if any places in the city where you can learn fly-fishing, archery, cooking, upcycling skills, swim, be part of a choir or watch a play – and that’s just in Govanhill Baths, one local organisation!  There is so much going on in Govanhill.  You can find out what via the Community Shop and also the Events pages here.  There are also community notice boards in the local library and in the Neighbourhood Centre.  There is an incredible array of activity in those spaces so get yourself along to find out more

Take a Walk – For a community of 18,000, our neighbourhood is actually pretty small, but it’s packed with gems.  Govanhill has some of the most interesting shops and cafes in the city.  Seek out the local community gardens – there are some crackers in Queens Drive Lane, behind Ladbrokes on Allison St and next to the Housing Association’s headquarters on Coplaw St.  There are some amazing bits of architecture too including our Carnegie library, the Thomson tenement on Allison St, the Egyptian cinema on Bankhead St, and our very own Statue of Liberty at the park end of Langside Rd.  We also have some incredible parks on our doorstep – the Hidden Gardens, Queen’s Park and Pollok Park are all near – with Govanhill Park closer to home.