Govanhill Open Museum

This project began as a collaboration between Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association, Community Renewal, Cosmopolis Creative Group, and Glasgow Museums working under the Thriving Places banner. Individuals, groups and organisations delivering outdoor heritage projects locally are welcome to join us.

The aim of this project is to bring Govanhill’s unique built and cultural heritage out onto the streets where everyone can share in it and take pride in our vibrant neighbourhood. We will also be collaborating with residents who live at the locations of the artworks to continue improving their areas, taking it towards further regeneration of their little patches of Govanhill. Designed by locals, the first mural has turned out to be a cheerful representation of the many cultures of Govanhill and we hope that there will be lots of selfies taken by proud residents and visitors alike.

—Marzanna Antoniak & Marion Eele, project coordinators


About the Mural

The first heritage mural in our street art trail has been nicknamed ‘A Postcard from Govanhill’. The S. Annandale Street mural that has come to Govanhill this March as part of the project’s pilot phase was funded by Glasgow City Heritage Trust and Scotland Loves Local. The mural was designed by residents in collaboration with artists Conzo Throb and Ciaran Glöbel. It brightens up the wall of A. Gray Motors at the corner of S. Annandale Street and Calder Street. The design attempts to showcase the neighbourhood’s diversity through the patterns submitted by Govanhill residents representing their various cultures.

Where do the patterns of the Govanhill mural come from?

G: Influenced by South Asian clothing and designs contributed for the mural by a resident from Sri Lanka. Similar motifs can also be seen in tenement tiles. The 6-petal flowers are influenced by the windows of Trinity Church on Daisy Street.

O: A popular Romanian embroidery motif, as featured on an almost 200-year old blouse brought to Govanhill from Transylvania.

V: This Middle Eastern design (especially popular in Iran, Turkey, and many Arab countries) can be spotted at numerous locations around Govanhill, including mosques and shops, as well as residents’ homes. Govanhill Baths also used to have a Turkish baths suite, where similar tiles would have been seen.

A: Scottish tartan pattern from the kilt of a member of a traditional bagpipe and drumming band who lives in Govanhill.

N: This box, which belonged to the grandmother of a Govanhill resident, features a traditional Polish pattern of pansies. Wild flowers such as these can be seen in traditional designs across Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and nearby countries. Wycinanka, or cutout paper art, as seen in the letter N is a traditional craft in parts of Poland. 

H: The celtic knot is an ancient design found across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and further afield. The Claddagh, as seen in the stained glass Irish Diversity Window at Govanhill Library, is one of Ireland’s most recognised and precious images, symbolising the purity of a cherished relationship.

I: Kente (also known as nwetoma, kete or chinchini) is a Ghanaian textile, made of handwoven cloth, strips of silk and cotton. Historically the fabric was worn by royalty. Similar designs can be seen in other types of weaving from around the world, including Central and Far East Asia, and South America. 

L: This leopard print design was submitted by a Roma lady from Govanhill, and it certainly seems a prominent feature in the local street fashion.

L: This is the stained glass design above the door of Langside Synagogue on Niddrie Road. A member of the Jewish community in Govanhill highlighted its importance, especially given the recent campaign to have the building listed. 

Working with the members of the community during the design process was brilliant. Everyone had their own relationship with the neighbourhood and many came from really diverse backgrounds so it was a rare opportunity to witness all of these thoughts and stories and opinions all come together to reach a final goal. The physical painting of the mural was really enjoyable too. We built up relationships with the locals who would pass by and stop to chat to us on a daily basis. We now have new friends in Govanhill who we look forward to bumping into again.

—Ciaran Glöbel & Conzo Throb, mural artists

About the Artists

Conzo & Glöbel are a mural painting duo from Glasgow. They have been working together for the past 6 years and create murals, signs & graphic design for commercial clients & community focused projects.

GOVANHILL FOOD STORIES – community market zine

Govanhill Community Market Govanhill Community Market is a partnership between Glasgow Artists’ Moving Image Studios, G42 Pop-Ups and Govanhill Baths Community Trust. It aims to strengthen connections between different communities, support the local economy and breathe new life into underused spaces in the neighbourhood.

Govanhill is the most culturally diverse neighbourhood in Scotland, with over 80 languages spoken here. As with any rich mixture of backgrounds there are also misunderstandings, and this event is a platform for meeting our neighbours and learning more about their heritage and customs, as well as the history of immigrant and refugee communities in Govanhill. 

Govanhill Food Stories The third edition of the Govanhill Community Market took place on the 13th of August 2022 at the Batson Street Laboratory. This outdoor market celebrated narrative through food as part of Govanhill International Festival and the Year of Stories 2022. It was a great opportunity to try an exciting variety of cuisines, cooked by community organisations and businesses from Govanhill and beyond, and to learn the history and traditions behind the dishes. We were served delicious coffee and popcorn at the Eritrean coffee ceremony led by UNITY Sisters, and explored links between migration, colonialism and food systems in a fun session with Tunvii Khurana and Diana Jiménez (Nourish Scotland) as part of the ‘Our Rights, Our Communities’ project. 

With thanks to all zine contributors, market participants, project partners and funders who made this possible! Special thanks to Glasgow Zine Library and Polly Rappaport for putting the zine together. 

Read the zine featuring food stories and drawings here:

Look up G42 Pop-Ups, the leading force behind the market and the zine on Instagram and on Facebook.


Soon, Govanhillians will be able to smile at their own memories and learn from each other as they go about their lives. These memories are what unite us as a community, and we mustn’t let them fade.

Govanhill Open Museum, a new community-led heritage project, will bring local memories out to our neighbourhood’s streets and make heritage an inherent part of our residents’ everyday lives. 

Funded by the Glasgow City Heritage Trust, the pilot phase will gather and preserve local people’s stories, memories, and wishes for their neighbourhood through focus groups and the upcoming heritage survey. These will be used to collaboratively design a mural that will sit in the heart of Govanhill. In the next phase, the project will expand into a street-based trail celebrating the local social, cultural, and built heritage.

Whether you’re a born-and-bred Govanhillian or made your home here more recently, everyone has stories and memories to share, tucked away in a drawer or saved on their phone.  

There are two ways to get involved: 

  •  join one of our upcoming focus groups to meet other people and trade fond local memories
  •  fill in the survey that we are launching soon in collaboration with local partners

Sign up for the focus groups HERE.

Help us shape the future of Govanhill Open Museum:

This project is a collaboration between Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association, Community Renewal, and Glasgow Museums working under the Thriving Places banner. All the organisations share a dedication to fostering a sense of shared pride and belonging through inclusive community engagement, building on existing assets, and making heritage accessible to all.  

Together, they bring expertise in facilitating heritage projects and in-depth knowledge of Govanhill and its people. In character with our diverse neighbourhood, they also speak several local languages.

Keep up to date with the project on Govanhill Open Museum Facebook page.


Govanhill Open Museum je nový projekt kulturního dědictví o lidech, budovách, historii a kultuře naší čtvrti.

Brzy pozveme místní obyvatele na skupinová setkání a k vyplnění dotazníku, kde mohou sdílet své příběhy a vzpomínky z Govanhillu a podělit se s námi o své nápady pro následující vývoj projektu. Uvítáme účast každého, kdo žije v Govanhillu, nehledě na to jestli tu žijete 1 měsíc nebo 100 let. Pokud se chcete přidat k tomuto projektu, vyplňte tento formulář:

Sesbírané vzpomínky budou později přeměněny v nástěnnou malbu v centru Govanhill, kde ji budou moci všichni obyvatelé vidět.

Pak s ohledem na přání místních vznikne v této oblasti více uměleckých děl reprezentující různé lidi a jejich vzpomínky.

Pomôžte nám formovať budúcnosť otvoreného múzea Govanhill:

Govanhill Open Museum je financováno Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Je to spolupráce mezi Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association, Community Renewal a Glasgow Museums, která spadá pod program Thriving Places.


 گوون ہیل اوپن میوزیم (Govanhill Open Museum) اس علاقے کے لوگوں،  اسکی عمارتوں، اور ہماری تاریخ اور ثقافت پر مبنی ایک نیا  لوک ورثہ منصوبہ ہے۔

اس سلسلے میں عنقریب ہم یہاں کے رہائشی باشندوں کو آپس میں ملنے اور ایک سروے میں حصہ لینے کے لیے مدعو کریں گے، تاکہ وہ گوون ہیل سے وابستہ اپنی یادیں اور داستانیں اور اس منصوبے کے آگے کے مراحل کے بارے میں ہمیں اپنی تجاویزسے آگاہ کر سکیں۔ گوون ہیل میں رہنے والے ہر شخص کا ، چاہے آپ یہاں ایک مہینے سے مقیم ہیں  یا سو سال سے ، اس میں حصہ لینے کے لیے خیرمقدم ہے ۔ اگر آپ اس میں شامل ہونا

 چاہتے ہیں تو مندرجہ ذیل فارم بھریں:

پھر ایک فنکار کے ذریعے ان یادوں کوایک مرال ، یعنی گوون ہیل کی ایک مرکزی گلی کی دیوار پر منقش تصویر ، کی صورت دی جاۓ گی جہاں مقامی لوگ اس سے محظوظ ہوسکیں گے۔

اسکے بعد علاقے کے رہائش پذیر لوگوں کی راۓ کے مطابق مزید ایسے تصویری فنون کے ذریعے مختلف لوگوں اور ان کے خیالات وجذبات کی عکاسی کی جاۓ گی۔ گوون ہیل اوپن میوزیم (Govanhill Open Museum) کی مالی امداد گلاسگو سٹی ہیریٹیج ٹرسٹ (Glasgow City Heritage Trust) نے فراہم کی ہے۔ یہ گوون ہیل کمیونٹی ڈویلپمنٹ ٹرسٹ (Govanhill Community Development Trust)، گوون ہیل ہاؤسنگ ایسوسی ایشن (Govanhill Housing Association)، کمیونٹی رینوئول (Community Renewal) اور گلاسگو میوزیمز (Glasgow Museums) کے مابین باہمی تعاون کے ساتھ تھرایونگ پلیسیس پروگرام (Thriving Places) کے تحت انجام پذیر کیا جا رہا ہے۔


يعلن Govanhill Open Museum عن مشروع إرث جديد عن الناس والمباني والتاريخ والثقافة في الحي.

قريبا سوف ندعوا سكان الحي ليلتقوا في مجموعات و نطلب منهم المشاركة في إستفتاء يمكنهم المشاركة فيه بقصصهم وذكرياتهم في Govanhill، كذلك بإمكانهم إخبارنا بخططهم و ما يريدون حدوثه في مراحل المشروع التالية، جميع من يعيش في Govanhill مرحب به للمشاركة سواء عاشوا شهرا أو مئة سنة في هذا الحي، إذا كنت ترغب في المشاركة قم بتعبئة هذا الإستمارة:

سيقوم رسام بتحويل هذه الذكريات إلى لوحة جدارية في منتصف Govanhill حيث يمكن لجميع سكان الحي رؤيتها.

لاحقا وحسب رغبة أهل الحي سيكون هنالك المزيد من الأعمال الفنية في المنطقة لتمثل مختلف الناس وذكرياتهم. 

ساعدنا في تشكيل مستقبل متحف جوفانهيل المفتوح:

إن Govanhill Open Museum ممول من قبل Glasgow City Heritage Trust، هذا المشروع أنشئ بتعاون ما بين Govanhill Community Development Trust و Govanhill Housing Association و Community Renewal و Glasgow Museums يعملون تحت برنامج Thriving Places.


Govanhill Open Museum este un nou proiect de promovare a patrimoniului despre oamenii, clădirile, istoria și cultura din cartierul nostru.

În curând, vom invita rezidenții să se întâlnească în grupuri și le vom cere să participe la un sondaj prin care să-și împărtășească poveștile și amintirile despre Govanhill, și să ne spună ce ar dori să se întâmple în stagiile ulterioare ale proiectului. Toți cei care locuiesc în Govanhill sunt invitați să participe, indiferent dacă locuiți aici de o lună sau 100 de ani. Dacă doriți să participați, completați acest formular:

Ajutați-ne să modelăm viitorul Govanhill Open Museum:

Apoi, un artist va transforma aceste amintiri într-o pictură murală pe o stradă din centrul cartierului Govanhill, unde toți locuitorii o vor putea vedea.

Cu timpul, în funcție de dorințele comunității locale, în zonă se vor crea mai multe opere de artă care să reprezinte diferite persoane și amintirile lor.

Govanhill Open Museum este finanțat de Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Este o colaborare între Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association, Community Renewal și Glasgow Museums, care lucrează în cadrul programului Thriving Places.


Govanhill Open Museum to nowy projekt dziedzictwa kulturowego o ludziach, architekturze, historii i kulturze naszej dzielnicy. 

Wkrótce zaprosimy mieszkańców na spotkania w grupach i poprosimy o wzięcie udziału w ankiecie kulturowej, w której będą mogli podzielić się swoimi ulubionymi miejscami i wspomnieniami z Govanhill oraz powiedzieć nam co chcieliby aby się wydarzyło w późniejszych fazach projektu. Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału wszystkich mieszkańców Govanhill, niezależnie od tego czy żyją tu od miesiąca czy stu lat. Aby się zapisać, prosimy o pozostawienie swoich danych kontantowych tutaj: 

Po wstępnych konsultacjach, artysta zamieni wspomnienia mieszkańców w mural w centrum Govanhill, gdzie wszyscy mieszkańcy będą mogli się nim cieszyć. 

Pomóż nam kształtować przyszłość Govanhill Open Muzeum:

Później, w zależności od życzeń lokalnej społeczności, pojawi się w okolicy więcej takich artystycznych reprezentacji ludzi i ich wspomnień. Govanhill Open Museum jest sponsorowane przez Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Jest to współpraca pomiędzy Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govanhill Housing Association, Community Renewal, Cosmopolis Creative Group i Glasgow Museums działających w ramach programu Thriving Places.