Leadership, Co-production & Accountability

This page hosts the ‘Collective Leadership, Co-Production, and Accountability’. as part of the Locality Plan and further updates and related documents will appear here.

Access the strategy here:

The strategy builds on and has emerged from the Govanhill Community Engagement and Information Strategy (GCEIS) community survey conducted in early 2021. You can read about the findings and demographics of that survey’s participants in the main body of the strategy. 

The ‘Collective Leadership, Co-Production, and Accountability’ strategy ensures that the recommendations from every strand of the Locality Plan are implemented in an efficient and robust way for the good of everyone in our community. There is a recognition that this will require genuine communication and collaboration between local organisations and residents, transparency, resources, well-managed processes, and continuous evaluation. 

Thank you to everyone who has participated and engaged in the process so far, from the people who took part in our community conversations, those who helped to make sense of ideas and shape the survey, all the 205 individuals who took part in our GCEIS survey, the Working Group, the Thriving Places Board members, and other colleagues who supported this project throughout the different stages. All your contributions have made the strategy stronger. 

At this stage, the ‘Collective Leadership, Co-Production, and Accountability’ strategy should be seen as a draft, and in fact, it is meant to be an ever-evolving document. The strategy should be regularly reviewed and adapted to suit any changing circumstances. This will allow for agility and relevance of the strategy to reflect the real needs and aspirations of local people. 

Next steps: Over the coming months we will be working on developing an easy read version of the strategy and releasing multilingual and visual resources to ensure better accessibility of the Locality Plan for everyone in our community. Towards the end of April, the Govanhill Community Engagement and Information Strategy will be released.

Residents’ and local staff’s feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Please direct your comments to Marzanna Antoniak, Community Connector within the Thriving Places Govanhill programme.

Email: mantoniak@govanhillha.org

Phone: 0141 433 2152

You can also contact the members of the Thriving Places Board at:

Samaritan House

79 Coplaw St

Glasgow G42 7JG

Information about the Locality Plan in key community languages is available here: