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Litter Picks – fancy joining us?

Posted | Posted by Morag Williamson

If you’re out and about the second Saturday of every month you might be treated to the sight of big and little Govanhill residents looking after their community with our monthly Litter Pick. Starting up in our Govanhill Community Shop at 192 Allison St, wew concentrate on the area in and around Allison St and Govanhill Park.  Everyone is welcome from 12pm til about 2pm and there is always a warm cuppa and biscuits on hand.  It’s a great way to pass a couple of hours, which fly by, and meet your neighbours and get the streets in better shape.

So call or drop us a line to ask about our next litter pick or just turn up at our Allison Street shop on the second Saturday of next month around 12. You’ll be warmly welcomed with a smile, all the litter picking gear you need and as many biscuits as your heart desires.


Featured Image by Ninian Reid used under Creative Commons licence.

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