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Green spaces for leisure and relaxation are particularly important in areas where high population and housing density can lead to environmental problems such as irresponsible waste disposal, fly-tipping and infestations.

The dense housing within Govanhill means that there is very little greenspace within the area. In addition, the high population density has a negative impact on the local environment, with a number of issues around waste.

GCDT, South Seeds and Govanhill Residents Group have delivered a number of funded or voluntary clean-up and gardening programmes, including developing community gardens, front garden improvements, planting, litter picking and community allotments.  A litter pick organised by GCDT takes place on the second Saturday of each month at the Community Shop, 192 Allison St, from 12pm-2pm.

Govanhill Community Development Trust’s Backcourts Initiative and Backcourts Wardens scheme were aimed at first refurbishing and then carrying out some maintenance work in South-West Govanhill, while also providing training and helping local people into work.

Green spaces in and around Govanhill include Govanhill Park, Westmoreland Gardens, Bennan Square, a small park near Hollybrook Academy and the community training garden next to Samaritan House.  The community garden is available as a place of rest and relaxation as well as a training centre to help people develop new skills in horticulture and landscaping and move on to further education or into work.  The garden also includes a small memorial space for local people who have been loved and lost.

We are fortunate to be close to Queen’s Park and the Hidden Gardens.