Major Progress with Major Repairs

Several phases of the Govanhill Housing Association’s major repairs programme are complete, with others under way. Window and kitchen replacement work is at the heart of the £4 million programme for 2017/18.

Phase 9 of the window replacements – covering a number of addresses in Allison Street, Cathcart Road and Hollybrook Street – has been completed and work on phases 7 and 8 (addresses in Langside Road, Coplaw Street, Cuthbertson Street, Carfin Street, Cathcart Road and Govanhill Street) is due to finish by the end of June. Further window replacement work will start later in the year, with many properties to get brand-new additions!

Housing Association tenants have been informed and many surveys are already under way. Kitchen replacements at addresses in Annandale Street, Butterbiggins Road, Calder Street and Coplaw Street are due to be complete by June. For more information or enquiries about the Housing Association’s major repairs and planned maintenance programme, contact Development and Regeneration Services on 0141 636 3684.