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This section is being developed and will be published by end July 2017, pending approval for all information to be uploaded.

It will contain a significant number of interesting pieces, such as statistical profiles of Govanhill, research papers and other useful information sources.  For now, a lot of useful information is hosted on the Crosshill and Govanhill Community Council pages at

Govanhill Research and Information Network – (GRIN) provided a forum for community groups and universities to steer, share and shape community research to ensure that research projects address the issues which are important to the community. The network has now finished but also identified and provided easy access to research reports so that community groups could be informed by that and draw upon evidence-based research to inform work practice and resource application.

Some academic research projects currently underway in Govanhill include:

  • Rani Dhanda. Community participation is held to be vital to community renewal, and indeed, Govanhill has a substantial number of community groups in action; however, they often face difficulties in achieving their aims. Rani is conducting a critical analysis of the barriers to effective participation in the Govanhill neighbourhood. PhD
  • Nicola Black – Space, Place and Identity: A documentary study of Govanhill. Practice based research about life in Govanhill which will result in the production of a forty-minute documentary film about life in the area and a written thesis. PhD
  • Sophie Shuttleworth – The Practice of Language amongst Young Migrants. This study focuses on young migrants and how they use language to represent themselves and interact with others, as well as looking at how young migrants use spaces of language learning. PhD

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