Thriving Govanhill Fund

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What is the Thriving Govanhill Fund?

Govanhill Community Development Trust (GCDT) is making £35k available to the Govanhill community for initiatives to improve local health and wellbeing.  Funding has been provided by the Council and NHS via the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.

The Thriving Govanhill Fund offers grants of £1000 or £2500 to groups who want to deliver projects to improve local health outcomes. The local community will then have the chance to vote on the projects which it wants to see delivered via a participatory budgeting process.

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Simply put it is a way of giving some decision-making power on spending a budget to the citizens it affects.  So, who gets what is down to you!  However, it’s not all about the money.  Taking part means you can celebrate, collaborate and connect with your friends, neighbours and colleagues.  We hope to make Govanhill a more thriving place with your help.

How can residents get involved?

  • Vote to have a real say about how funding is distributed in your community
  • Make a positive difference in the Govanhill Community
  • Celebrate Govanhill, the people who live here and the organisations supporting the community.

How can groups get involved?

  • Constituted and non-constituted groups who are based in Govanhill or delivering the proposed activity in Govanhill are able to apply for funding.
  • Informal groups (non-constituted) can apply for a £1000 Kick Start grant to begin a new project or activity that improves health or wellbeing in Govanhill.  Constituted organisations can apply for £1000 Kick Start grant or a £2500 Action Grant which is either for new or existing activity.
  • Unconstituted groups can apply, if supported by a sponsoring organisation to do so.  The sponsoring organisation must be based in or working in Govanhill and can sponsor as many organisations as they like.  Sponsoring another organisation will not impact any applications the sponsoring organisation will make itself.   
  • All projects must demonstrate a fit with at least two health and wellbeing outcomes: Tackling Loneliness, Food and Nutrition, Growing and Greenspace, Improving Mental Health, Improving Physical Health, Increasing Fitness, Supporting Young People (up to 21) and Supporting Older People (over 60s)
  • Eligible projects will provide a short summary of their project and what they hope to deliver and achieve.  They can also provide up to 3 images to illustrate their proposed work
  • Groups can then promote their project on social media or locally to improve their chances of support from the community.

Key Dates

  • Applications Open 5th September 2022
  • Applications Close 19th September
  • Public Voting begins 23rd September
  • Public Voting ends 3rd October
  • Funding confirmed 5th October

If you have any further queries about the application process, please contact

Dave Zabiega             07774 331969 /

Ellen Feerick               07919 364673 /