Thriving Places

Govanhill is one of the ten areas of Glasgow that has been designated a ‘Thriving Place’ by the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership. Thriving Places is an approach aimed at bringing together residents and organisations to collaborate for the good of their neighbourhood

A Plan for Govanhill 

Each Thriving Places area develops a Locality Plan that local communities, organisations, services and businesses will be able to use to guide their work towards positive change. A Locality Plan, as a vision for the future, must be informed by local people so that it can address the real needs of the community. By providing measurable goals, the plan will become a practical tool for people who are trying to make a difference in their neighbourhood.

The Govanhill Locality Plan includes the following strands:  

Learning, Environment, Community Cohesion, Youth, Employment, Media Coverage, Housing, Safety, Economy, Health & Social Care, and Community Engagement & Information, the last of which is the key to all the other strands.  

Learning from the Community  

Community consultations allow us to learn from local people, and there will be ongoing opportunities to get involved in this process.  We are currently doing a survey on the Community Engagement and Information Strategy, which underpins the whole Locality Plan. This survey explores how people in Govanhill meet each other, make decisions and access information. You can take the survey online here.

Progress So Far 

We have carried out initial community consultations on the environment, community cohesion, housing, education, asset mapping, and media representation, and we will hold more soon. Now, we are analysing the ideas and views that were shared, along with research and recommendations of local staff. The results of these consultations, as well as future opportunities to get involved will be published on these pages.  

Keep an eye out at or the Thriving Places Govanhill page on Facebook for updates. 

What’s next? 

We will publish surveys about the other strands of the Locality Plan throughout 2021. The Plan will be released when all strands have been consulted on with the residents. If you would like to get involved in discussion groups about the Locality Plan, please sign up here or contact Marzanna Antoniak, community connector, at

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